Matko Orsag, Ph.D.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Friday, 31.03.2017.


Heterogeneous Robotic Systems for inspection and interaction with the environment; Are drones and mobile robots can be best friends?

  1 h

Drone, equipped with manipulator arm, are no longer just observer. Drones are a technology that actively changes the environment in which it operates. Now, drones can moves objects, rotate the levers and valves, build, sow, inspect and do all sorts of things.  As such, drones can cooperate with other robots, and create a symbiotic community with them. The community of robots and drones better perform requested tasks. The lecture will present a symbiotic community of mobile robot and one drone equipped with a manipulator arm, which is used for transferring load and inspection of close environment.  In addition, we will present recent results of the EU FP7 project. The goal of this project is to make system for inspection of windfarm in operation.