Marko Turković
Marko Turković
IN2 d.o.o.

Friday, 31.03.2017.


IGEO geospatial platform

  20 min

Trends in the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web GIS technology are increasingly turning to open source. IGEA, a Croatian GIS software development company, part of IN2 Group, has been following these trends over the last decade. The IGEO geospatial platform is a product of the knowledge acquired during the development of many Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) implementations based on the FOSS4G stack.
IGEO is a web based, cross-platform and service oriented GIS solution used to build public GIS viewers and business GIS applications, allowing integration with existing information systems. Developing a product that is flexible and extensible enough to satisfy different client needs is a challenge. This objective has been achieved, facilitated by an elaborate development process and application configuration through a powerful metamodel. IGEO is a stable and interoperable platform which allows the definition, migration, styling, viewing (both 2D and 3D), modifying, querying, sharing, geocoding, authorization and versioning of spatial data in a user friendly environment. It supports OGC standards/services, common spatial interchange formats and popular spatial databases such as PostGIS, Oracle Spatial/Locator and Microsoft SQL Server. The backend is based on the Spring and Java persistence APIs, Elasticsearch for data querying, spatial data servers GeoServer and GeoWebCache with the GeoNetwork metadata catalogue. The frontend is a web client based on the latest versions of OpenLayers and Cesium libraries with Angular framework.
IGEO enables users to implement GIS systems according to the guidelines of the European INSPIRE Directive which is focused on building the European SDI.
The talk will cover the application of the platform in visualization and processing of imagery and spatial data collected by UAVs and technical aspects of the platform including the architecture, functionalities and the development environment.